Bam. Governor Jindal (R-La.) took to Twitter to slam the White House for fighting with Bob Woodward, instead of fighting out-of-control spending. Governor Jindal has been on a roll lately. On Monday, he blasted President Obama for using scare tactics and challenged him to show some leadership.

The governor’s tweet this morning was a follow-up to his article over at NRO.

And, surprise, surprise! This didn’t set a lapdog’s tail to wagging. Speaking truth about the White House? That does not suit. In fact, it’s cause for sneering. Enter Time magazine’s White House correspondent Michael Scherer.

Criminy, lapdogs. Now you are just sad.

Zing! Jindal’s team responds to the pitiful Scherer.

Nothing to see here, move along, rubes. Scherer says so! It’s tangential and stuff.

This Twitter user puts it in a nutshell for deluded lapdogs.