Bradley Manning has pleaded guilty to just under half of the charges stemming from his massive leak of military documents to WikiLeaks. Conspicuously, he pleaded not guilty to “aiding the enemy.” If leaking piles of classified documents isn’t “aiding the enemy,” we’d like to know what is.

Surprisingly, Manning also apparently said that he tried and failed to leak to the mainstream U.S. media before turning to Julian Assange and his deranged crew.

Of course, to our radical friends, this means he just admitted to an act of heroism against the big, bad United States.

Um, that would be the pope, a man who taught peace rather than maliciously leaking information that would facilitate the slaughter of innocents.
Are people really so accepting of human rights abuses that they don’t mind giving the jihadists our most valuable information? Are they just plain ignorant? Whatever they think, for all of our sakes, we can only hope that these people wake up someday.

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