Stop! Our aching sides really can’t take it! Spelling is hard and so is reality.

As Twitchy reported earlier today, Democrat strategist Donna Brazile tweeted her confusion over the increase in her health care premiums. What could the reason possibly be? After Twitter users gasped for breath, they helpfully attempted to explain reality to Ms. Brazile. However, Ms. Brazile wasn’t content with exposing her idiocy just once: She’s back for more!

To be fair, she’s unintentionally correct with “gauging.” Because, guess what? Gauging the cost of Obamacare is exactly what insurers are doing.

Brazile continued to spin-tweet.

Oh, sweetie. Look in the mirror.

Oh, the old lady parts “pre-existing” nonsense straight from Nancy Pelosi’s unmovable mouth.

Just precious. Twitter users continue to helpfully provide Ms. Brazile with some reality-based lessons. And, of course, well-deserved and delicious mockery.

It is embarrassing. But it sure is entertaining. Keep digging, Donna!


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