The Left has been taking pot shots at Bob Woodward for a week over his stance on the sequester, but following Woodward’s claim on CNN tonight that a senior White House official told him he’d “regret” calling out the president on “moving the goal posts,” Obama’s water carriers had to kick  into high gear their campaign to discredit Woodward.

It didn’t take long for that “coming spin” to arrive.

Which of the “juiceboxers” will be among the first to stand with the White House? How about Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall?

Make room for Time’s Mike Grunwald — he too stands with “the Obama guy.” We can assume, then, that such a guy exists and Woodward isn’t making this up.

Anyone else?

Here’s an example of that tireless search for the truth at work in today’s media, courtesy of Roland S. Martin.

Well, David Frum, you could begin by checking around to see how many real journalists in the mainstream media — many of whom would admit Woodward inspired them to go into journalism — have come out to stand with him in his reporting. For those who still have the ability to be outraged over threats to reporters originating from within the White House, Legal Insurrection created the #StandWithWoodward hashtag.

You’d think that, wouldn’t you. Could this be the wake up call?

* * *


It looks that way. Obama’s palace guard are beginning to settle on the story that Woodward’s just trying to make the story about him, and besides, the White House official’s email to Woodward was anything but a “threat.” Don’t you people understand friendly ribbing when you see it? And perhaps most important: you, the American people, don’t care. The media will let you know when you should care.

* * *


CNN’s Jim Acosta says he has the straight scoop from a White House official. Of course it wasn’t a threat-threat; Woodward would simply regret being so wrong.


Politico has released the text of Woodward’s email exchange with the White House.

But before the emails were even released, Obama’s bootlickers in the media did their best to make Woodward “regret” his reporting.


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