Fear? It isn’t gonna drum up itself!


And no one knows that better than the Democrats, who are knee-deep in a campaign to terrify the American public about the chaos that will ensue if the looming sequestration cuts — which, as it happens, originated in the Democratic White House — go into effect this week.

You think criminals roaming the streets will be bad? Just you wait! The White House is detailing the impending meltdown state by state.

And as Dem politicians and strategists will tell you, the apocalypse is nigh:

Oh, the humanity!


The National Drug Intelligence Center, shut down last June, will be shut down???!!! These cuts are so bad, they’re affecting America retroactively!

Yep! All it takes is a little compromise, according to President Practical. He’s so practical, in fact, that he’ll be traveling to Newport News, Virginia, tomorrow, to address the sequester head-on:

And just to show how serious he is, he’ll be dropping some serious taxpayer money, to the tune of $180,000 an hour:

Hey — no one ever said saving money was cheap.

What is cheap? Obama’s talk.

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