The scare campaign that accompanies the “massive cuts” that sequestration will bring ramped up dramatically earlier this week but seemed to fizzle out quickly by the weekend. ABC News’ government agency-supplied list of 57 terrible things that will happen could have been the breaking point, seeing as ABC’s list was soon followed by the Washington Post’s story about the effects on animals at the National Zoo (they’ll be fine), followed by the Huffington Post’s photo feature of cute animals with “nothing to say” about the sequester.

With another week left before the cuts are scheduled to take effect, the White House and Congressional Democrats have only days to hype up the pain the sequester will bring. Always eager to help, the Twitterverse has compiled some additional items to add to the #SequestrationThreat list.

For the moment, President Obama is doing his best to maintain a brave face and carry on with life as usual.

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