“Kathleen H. Dittus” wasn’t born yesterday, you know. She — or her Twitter account, at least — was born today. No, she hasn’t even been born yet; she’s still inside that “egg” avatar, but she can’t wait to break out and lend the president a hand with his gun control effort.

The @BarackObama account, fresh off of exploiting Gabby Giffords to push its demand that Congress vote on an assault weapons ban, is doing its best to get #WeDemandAVote trending, but some conservatives are noticing that a lot of the supporters are a little, um, young. They have zero followers, follow no one, and have tweeted just once.

Is this the culprit?


Can this egg army withstand a conservative counter-effort by people with faces?

Hey, that’s no way to talk to your boss, who also happens to be dad of the country.

He might have given shotgun sales a boost, though.