Score one for the good guys! As Twitchy reported on Feb. 11, impartial and nonpartisan NPR absurdly called the looming sequestration cuts a “Republican invention.”

Even PolitiFact admits that “sequestration was an idea that came out of Obama’s White House.”

After conservative Twitter users cried foul over the false and biased claim, NPR quietly changed the headline to “Republicans Push To Rebrand Automatic Spending Cuts As Deadline Nears.”

Not good enough.

Twitter user @NPR_Not_Neutral kept the pressure on and received a promise from NPR social media staffer Kate Myers.

Today, NPR finally tweeted a correction.

Here’s the complete correction, dated Feb. 20:

The original headline for this story inaccurately suggested Republicans were primarily responsible for devising the across-the-board spending cuts known as sequestration.

Well done, @NPR_Not_Neutral and everyone who used Twitter to hold the lapdogs’ paws to the fire!