Actor Adam Baldwin took on Amanda Marcotte and her idiocy today, after she labeled him a “crazed gun nut” and a “sexist pig.”

Where is her latest delusional persecution complex stemming from? Once again, her own idiocy. As Twitchy reported, the dim-witted Marcotte bowed down to her paternalistic, liberal gun-grabbing masters when weighing in on the foul rape comments made by the cretinous Bob Beckel. Suck it up, ladies! It’s better to be raped than to shoot a rapist.

Hypocrisy and twisted “logic” that seeks to empower women … by disempowering them?

Plus, does she ever get out of her soy latte-riddled Ivory tower?

Heh. Marcotte, the “empowered” woman, then does what all strong and independent women do. She bravely runs away.

Aww. Maybe President Obama will pull a Fluke move and give her a phone call, so he can pat her on her poor, little head. In the meantime, giving Twitter users are trying to explain some facts of life to Ms. Marcotte, including how to truly be empowered.

Zing! But he has a (D) next to his name, so he gets a pass. “Feminists” like Ms. Marcotte aid leftist men in their war on women.

Adam Baldwin himself sums it all up.

Her irrational liberal logic, which says men who support a woman’s right to self-defense are sexist pigs, is logical only when one continuously shrouds herself in veil of victim-hood. To “feminists,” fighting like a girl means leaving women powerless. It’s for their own good and all. Wow. You’ve come a long way, baby!

No, thank you. We’ll stick with the Right.

Now that’s empowerment!