Aw, isn’t that precious? MSNBC host Touré thinks he finally found a winning argument for gun control. Why do you need a gun? It’s, like, totally “rare” to use a gun to deter crime.

What. A. Joke.

In a deliciously unfair matchup, Townhall editor and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich swatted down Touré’s pathetic argument.

Be sure to read Amanda Collins’ account of how she was “legislated into being a victim.”

Touré, of course, went right to the ol’ standby: his matched set of torn and weathered For the Women™ and For the Children™ cards.

Rich, indeed.

Exactly. But the lives saved by the Second Amendment just get in the way of Touré’s agenda.

Defenseless women aren’t just acceptable collateral damage to the Left — they’re necessary to perpetuate a culture of victimhood. Touré and his execrable ilk would rather see a country filled with raped women than a country filled with armed women.

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