What’s on the agenda for Democrat Rep. Salazar? In response to his heinous remarks about rape, citizens are fighting back.

Of course, that doesn’t include his fellow travelers, natch.

Whatever, ladies! Suck it up. They have some sweet, sweet liberal policy to push. At your expense, of course. Want to arm yourselves? That’s not up to you to decide. Liberal men know what is best for you, silly dears.

You are too hysterical to know if you are actually being raped or if it’s just a date gone wrong, right, Bob Beckel? Just be the passive, helpless things that you are. No self-defense for you!

Those who realize the real war on women is being waged by liberal men and their “feminist” partners refuse to dismiss his repugnant remarks. Nor will they blow it off as a “gaffe.” He said what he meant, and he meant what he said.

In addition to slogans, Salazar rape kits in the form of “Whistle Stop Defense Kits” were delivered to the Colorado capitol today.

Bravo. Note this ladies: That is what the Left wants for you. Whistles and pens. And maybe a plastic bag for when you feign barfing, which is one of their ludicrous and dangerous “tips.” If, of course, you can be trusted not to suffocate yourself with the plastic bag, being dumb dames and all.

Take note, too, Rep. Salazar. And maybe try talking to some oh-so-scary women. We suggest you start with this brave woman.

Tell her she should have feigned crying. Tell her she should have found a “safety zone.” Because, guess what, Rep. Salazar? She doesn’t feign tears when recalling the horrific assault she survived. She doesn’t find a magical “safety zone” when reliving the horror in her mind. She will be haunted by the memories for the rest of her life.

But, you know. If only she had a whistle.