Actress Martha Plimpton and her “reproductive rights” foundation, A Is For, caught wind of serial misogynist Bob Beckel’s stomach-turning trivialization of rape yesterday and immediately sent out tweets calling for him to “apologize” and “educate himself.”

A is For frequently slams Republicans for waging a War on Women. The group has used the #WarOnWomen hashtag hundreds of times. But the hashtag was glaringly and conveniently absent from the group’s tweets about Beckel, including the one Plimpton retweeted.

Bob Beckel implied campus rape is a myth, blew off the seriousness of date rape and suggested shooting a date rapist would be absurd. But #WarOnWomen? That’s not for well-meaning libs who accidentally demonstrate their completely forgivable “ignorance.” It’s reserved for “right-wingers”:

Spare us the perfunctory Beckel shaming and selectively intense outrage. If Beckel was a conservative, Plimpton and her ilk would be picketing Fox News and demanding his resignation. Beckes knows the secret progressive handshake so he’s insulated from all that. He can repeatedly slither through the gutter with minimal consequence and simply has to “apologize” for this to all go away.

War on Women? Martha Plimpton and her group are part of the problem.


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