Oh, the media did weigh in on Bob Beckel’s repugnant comments, which we reported last night. The serial misogynist actually asked when was the last time anyone heard of a rape on a campus? Campus rape is just something mythical to the cretinous Beckel.

He then horribly trivialized date rape, and then asked if a woman should shoot her “date.” If he was raping her. No big whoop, ladies. He’s your date!

Some media outlets did report on his outrageously foul statements, but there is something fishy about the way they did so. He’s got that old (D) immunity!

So, while they were forced to call him out for his repulsiveness, they still  made sure to provide Democrats cover. Beckel is just a “Fox News host,” you see. As we reported earlier, BuzzFeed pulled that stunt and tried to cover it up. Twitter libs feed into the false narrative.

GOP training. FOX host. Gee, we wonder who is helping to push that shameful spin?

Nice try with the fake call-out, but too bad Politico also hid Beckel’s political affiliation.

It’s not just the sub-header; The word Democrat is not mentioned in the post itself, either. In addition, they say Beckel did acknowledge date rape occurs, but did not mention the trivialization of it, as if it doesn’t “count” as rape.

ThinkProgress pulled the same disgraceful thing, as did The Huffington Post.

Huffington Post’s article doesn’t even mention Democrat at all.


Disgusting. As always, the shameful lapdog media are burying bones for Democrats. Sane Twitter users aren’t having it, and are calling out the bias. They are also rightfully giving the morally bankrupt Bob Beckel the business.

Many are questioning why Beckel still has a job and platform from which to spew his bile.

The media will help cover it up by hiding his (D). Because, projection.

Bingo. We have said it before, and we’ll say it again. The real war on women is being waged by the Left and it always has been.

And the media is aiding them.

Update: Beckel faux-apologizes by stating a clarification, which henceforth should be known as a cretin clarification.

To Beckel, a date is always just a date. Even if he is raping you.