Silly us. We thought firearms made pretty good rape repellent. But apparently urinating on yourself and pretending to have your period are way better methods of making yourself a less “attractive” victim.

Good thing the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is around to arm women … with priceless tips. A little vomiting on demand, a skillfully faked STD and presto! Rape “passively” averted. Or, those “actions on your part might lead to more harm.” UCCS is sure it’s one of those.

After an avalanche of Twitter backlash, the University’s Emergency Management department eventually got around to providing “context” for its widely-derided advice on “what to do if you are attacked.”

From the UCCS Department of Public Safety update:

The ten points of information below were used in a context supplemented with additional information during the in-class training covered in the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) class.  The R.A.D. class is offered free of charge as a public service to women who are part of the greater UCCS community.

Perhaps, like Democrat Joe Salazar, UCCS administrators believe women shouldn’t be armed because they aren’t capable of differentiating a potential attacker from a friend. To many on the Left, a raped woman is preferable to an armed woman.