On the heels of State Rep. Joe Salazar’s assertion that women can’t be trusted with guns, it’s worth noting that one of his female colleagues has been a leading defender of the 2nd Amendment. Rep. Lori Saine (R-Dacono) hit Salazar hard today in an interview with Fox News:

“My daughter’s going to be going off to college in about 10 years,” Rep. Lori Saine said. “I can’t imagine her only option’s going to be to outrun her attackers to a call box. I think she’s responsible enough to handle a gun.”

Even before Salazar decided to eat his foot, Saine was on the House floor and on Twitter standing up for her rights. Check out some of her greatest hits.

Speaking of understanding what one is trying to regulate, Saine linked to an article where Jesse Jackson repeats his claim that assault weapons can be used to blow up railroads.


Amen. We’re glad to see that Rep. Saine isn’t counting on her male colleagues across the aisle to defend her.