Yesterday Alec Baldwin denied allegations that he hurled a racial slur at a New York Post photographer. He also called it “ironic” that anyone would believe the accusation since some of his foundation’s best grants are black.

UPI reports that no racial slurs were heard on audio of Baldwin’s confrontation with the photographer, but the NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force has launched an investigation.

Mia Farrow took precious time away from counting white people at GOP events to defend her serial misogynist pal. See, she knows racists and Alec Baldwin “is no racist.”

But this has all been too much for poor widdle Alec. In a bizarre series of tweets with dramatic pauses that would make William Shatner cringe, Baldwin announced his ten-thousandth tweet might be his last for a while.

Other things … like maybe a junior high poetry class with Rick Klein?



Goodbye, cruel Twitter: Alec Baldwin commits Twittercide again