Do liberals working in Hollywood have an easier time of it than conservatives? Is the sky blue?

Pretty much, yeah.


Alec Baldwin flees Twitter as NYPD launches hate crime probe; Mia Farrow: Baldwin ‘is no racist’

Backlash: Alec Baldwin accused of racist rant; People ask, ‘Do you support your spokesman, Capital One?’

NY Post photographer accuses Alec Baldwin of using racial epithet?

Actor Ken Wahl helps promote #HonorChrisKyle and memorial fund for family of Chris Kyle

Actor Ken Wahl honors wounded warrior; Blasts Obamacare, media and anti-gun zealot hypocrisy

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Obama campaign co-chair Eva Longoria retweet: Women, minorities ‘stupid’ to vote for ‘racist/misogynistic’ Romney

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Sophia Bush sick of Republican men ‘defending’ rape

Hollyweird libs Holly Robinson Peete, Holly Marie Combs attack Malkin, demean moms

Anti-gun fanatic Michael Moore: The gun violence in ‘Django Unchained’ is hilarious!

Stay classy: Sarah Silverman tells Rick Santorum to ‘suck a dick’

Liberal civility cops silent after Joy Behar says she wants to see Mitt Romney’s ‘house burn’

Bette Midler blames deinstitutionalization on Ronald Reagan

American Idiot: Pig-Maher-in-training Jason Biggs sends out sick tweets about Paul and Janna Ryan; Update: Deletes tweets

IRA supporter Rose McGowan calls Marco Rubio a ‘Dbag’ for voting against VAWA

Ellen Barkin likens NH Republican’s domestic violence bill to stonings

Eww: In OFA video, actress Lena Dunham likens voting for Obama to losing virginity

Bill Maher falsely claims Marco Rubio is a ‘shameless liar’ about debt

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