Zing! As Twitchy reported yesterday, President Obama golfed with Tiger Woods and Golf Digest had the scoop. You see, the White House press pool was totally snubbed.

And, boy, they are not happy about it.

Evidently, it takes missing a bromance golf outing to tick off the press. Unrequited love; it hurts!

President Obama golfing with Tiger Woods- you have to use your imagination because the White House didn't allow the press pool access.

Ed Henry took to Twitter to explain.

Indeed. While it is hilarious to see the press whining about their lack of access, Ed Henry makes valid points. But, it just rightly strikes some as a little peculiar that it takes missing a golf outing with Tiger Woods to remind the press of that. President Obama continually claims to have the most transparent administration evah. And the press allows that lie. Until now?

This Twitter user offers a reason for the non-transparency yesterday.

Zing! And Dana Perino makes a solid point; what difference would it have made? It’s not like the press would have actually asked any hard-hitting questions anyway.

And others sum up the real problem, and it ain’t access to a golf outing.