As Twitchy reported, the jackass known as Alec Baldwin has been accused of hurling racial epithets at a New York Post photographer. Many weren’t surprised; Baldwin is a renowned cretin. Plus, scratch a leftist and find a racist (and sexist).

Bingo. It’s totally fine, because he pushes a sweet, sweet liberal agenda. And what about his cushy gig with Capital One? Remember, they dropped Rush Limbaugh, but retained the mocker of Andrew Breitbart’s death, serial misogynist, death-politicizing ghoul and attack-happy bully, Alec Baldwin.

Others agree, and take to Twitter to demand answers from Capital One.

America is waiting, Capital One. As of publication, Capital One’s Twitter feed has issued no response.  Twitchy will continue to monitor this story and update with further developments.

Update: Don’t hold your breath for a reply.

Update: Baldwin weighs in. It’s totally fine; some of his best grants are black.


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