In a blog post at, David Frum argued today that President Obama needs a “Plan B” on guns. It seems to us the Second Amendment already offers a plan on guns, and we don’t really know what Obama’s “Plan A” is or was: was it the president’s list of 23 executive actions, or his State of the Union call for a vote on an assault weapon ban? Regardless, Frum must suspect that the bitter clingers will scuttle Plan A, and so he’s offering his own backup plan.

Part of the plan involves enlisting the help of the surgeon general to demonstrate through a study that guns are bad for the owner’s health. Another suggestion is to place safety regulations on gun manufacturers, requiring firearms to, say, be equipped with indicator lights to show that they’re loaded.

Frum writes that gun manufacturers design guns in a way that helps criminals — though we don’t see how that indicator light would help a potential victim trying to hold off an intruder by bluffing with an empty handgun. (Do you feel lucky, punk? Blink, blink.) Hopefully, the owner would be responsible for knowing what’s in the chamber.

Hey, if we’re going to let Sen. Dianne Feinstein present herself as an expert on firearms, why not Frum? He couldn’t know less.

As long as we’re getting all technical, why not ask the expert some of these burning #GunQuestionsFromLiberals?

Laugh it up now, because it won’t be so funny when America’s Doctor stops doing whatever it is she’s been doing and slaps a “firearms can be dangerous” label on every bullet.