Heh. Leave it to Twitter to start things off with a giggle. Yesterday, in yet another act of political theater, President Obama “leaked” his immigration plan.

Senator Rubio pushed back immediately.

But, while the push-back against President Obama’s egregiously flawed plan is great, many Twitter users are wondering, “just what is the difference?” As Twitchy has reported, the Shamnesty plan proffered by “The Gang of 8” is inherently flawed as well.

More from The Examiner:

Unfortunately, the few specifics Rubio has named are almost identical to the failed amnesty plans of Presidents Bush and Obama. Don’t take my word for it — just ask Miami Herald political reporter Marc Caputo, or pro-amnesty Mother Jones reporter Adam Serwer, or anti-amnesty Center for Immigration Studies chief Mark Krikorian. All of them have compared the Obama and Rubio immigration plans, and all of them have concluded the two plans are almost identical.

There are really only two minor differences between Obama and Rubio on immigration. First, Obama has set a 13-year process for granting citizenship to these in the country illegally today, while Rubio has not specified how many years they should wait. Second, Obama wants one comprehensive bill covering all of the above items, while Rubio would prefer a series of smaller bills.

It should be noted that President Obama’s “leaked” plan actually sets an 8-year process.

The questions continue.

More from The Daily Caller:

Poor man had no choice: Sen. Marco Rubio had to be deceptive when describing his immigration plans last night–otherwise he’d have little chance of making the sale. Here’s what Rubio said:

We need a responsible, permanent solution to the problem of those who are here illegally. But first, we must follow through on the broken promises of the past to secure our borders and enforce our laws.

This makes it sound as if Rubio would take action to “secure our borders and enforce our laws” before offering to legalize “those who are here illegally.” Unfortunately, that is not the case. The “Gang of 8″ proposal he’s signed on to would immediately legalize those here illegally–giving them “probationary legal status.”  Only their subsequent ability to step up to full citizenship would hinge on enforcement and border security.

Twitter users also respond to Senator Rubio’s tweet that claims the Senate plan is “fair.”



Most aren’t thrilled with “bipartisan,” either. That may be a swoon-worthy term in the Beltway bubble, but for many, it is a bad word.


President Obama’s plan is not serious and is being used as a political prop only.

But, the plan from “The Gang of 8” isn’t a solution either.