That Photoshop? Why yes, Van, it is pathetic. Even Media Matters hasn’t fallen for it … yet.

Color us shocked that a truther like Van Jones would fall for such a blindingly obvious Photoshop.

Here’s the original screen cap from 2011 when, as The Right Scoop noted, Fox aired a photo of Tina Fey during a segment on Sarah Palin.


And here’s another pathetic version that’s been circulating since last year.


So, Van, care to issue a correction?


Van Jones hasn’t admitted he messed up, but the self-identified “education advocate” Jones retweeted did own up to the error (while taking another swipe at Fox, natch).


Jones acknowledges he was punked.

He also deleted his tweet slamming Fox News as “PATHETIC.” Perhaps he hasn’t heard: Twitchy is forever.