Approximately 1 billion young girls currently use a photo of Justin Bieber for their Twitter avatar, and now Patrick Carney, drummer of the Grammy award winning duo The Black Keys, is doing the same. For good measure, he’s also changed his user name to “Justin Bieber drums.” Why? He’s trolling the Bieliebers, plain and simple.

Here’s a shot of Carney’s new look, just in case he decides to rethink this career move and change it back.


After Carney suggested that the Bieber-less Grammy ceremony was “for music, not money,” Bieber tweeted that Carney should be “slapped around.” Bieber’s fans descended on Carney, who fought back bravely … until he was assimilated. Now he is Justin Bieber.

Drake Bell’s offhand tweet that he’d “randomly bash” Bieber led to weeks of death threats. Will Carney fare any better?

For good measure, Patrick’s brother Michael has changed his name to Miley.


It seems Carney’s still working out the bugs in his DNA recombination process at the moment. Now he’s Justin Bieber 2.0.

* * *

Update: The Beliebers are starting to catch on, and most aren’t pleased with the existence of a second Justin.

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