We all know by now that Bill Maher has a free pass to say anything and get away with it. That he uses that pass so often makes many of his remarks not so much outrageous as merely groan-inducing. The man has followers, though, and unfortunately, they follow. We thought “Bible-thumpers” was the preferred term, but during a panel discussion last night, Maher theorized that the GOP has always been an “uneasy marriage” of Jesus freaks and plutocrats.

If there’s been an uptick in use of the word “plutocrat” on Twitter thanks to Maher, we haven’t seen it. Jesus freaks, on the other hand…. Maher would like to think he’s inspired all the talk, but religious bigotry is certainly not his exclusive domain.



Mediaite has the video of Maher’s panel discussion if you’d like to see how quickly Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile jumps in to defend Christians. (Spoiler: she doesn’t.)

Not everyone wears the label as an insult, though.