Not content to “give truthers a chance,” Salon completed its descent into moral bankruptcy Thursday when it republished a despicable Jacobin magazine piece with the title “Understanding Christopher Dorner.”

Unlike many Dorner cheerleaders, Salon didn’t call cop-killer Christopher Dorner a “modern day Django” or the new Nat Turner. Instead, he’s excused as the “product of a society gone mad on racism and war.” The author laments that Dorner’s mainfesto “will be dismissed as the rantings of a lunatic.” Oh, and he’s Jack Bauer and John Wayne rolled into one awesome truth-telling whistle-blowing package. If you can stomach it, here’s a taste:

Dorner’s reaction is partly rooted in a corrosive version of American masculinity — his response to institutional corruption is uniquely Jack Bauer and John Wayne. Gratuitous violence included. Dorner is a wholesale product of a society gone mad on racism and war, of a state that aggressively punishes dissent, of an intellectual milieu where telling the truth has become a dangerous act. There was no internal institutional outlet for him to address injustices against him: the blue line prevented that.

Pipe down, Dorner hater. You just can’t fathom the edgy depths of the Salon editorial team. Neither can any person with an ounce of decency.

Salon’s editors should be ashamed. But when they published a love letter to trutherism, the piece quickly disappeared down the memory hole. Despite significant backlash, Matthew Cunningham-Cook’s ode to Dorner is still online.

Way ahead of you.