It should be clear by now that Sen. Ted Cruz didn’t come to Washington to make friends, and he’s certainly not there for the rave reviews in the press. Amanda Carpenter, Cruz’s new senior communications advisor, noted her boss’s name popped up quite a few times today in the media.

“Bomb throwing”? Is that sort of violent rhetoric necessary? Apparently so. Check out these headlines: “The G.O.P.’s Nasty Newcomer” and “A Very Junior Senator’s Bomb-Throwing Debut”  — and those are just the New York Times’ contribution. But what are reporters saying about Cruz off the record?

Not to be left behind, MSNBC hosts Martin Bashir and Chris Matthews also piled on this afternoon, with Matthews insisting that Cruz is Sen. Joe McCarthy reincarnated.

Way to be late to the party, Chris.

So, we’re on the right track, then?

Pop some popcorn and pour a big ol’ Texas-sized cup of tea.

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