As we reported earlier, small business owners and reality-based Twitter users tried to teach President Obama a little something about the business-killing effects of raising the minimum wage. They included The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent in their schooling, and are continuing to give him the business. You see, racist Greg Sargent thinks that a $9 minimum wage is totally a great way to reach out to Latinos.

Wow. How racist. The real kind and not the made up Handbook of Racial Code Words kind. Sargent’s fellow travelers show their true racist colors as well.

Non-racists are rightfully disgusted.

Racist, and ignorant.

Horrible. Once again, scratch a leftist and find a racist. One who seeks to enslave others as well. Take $9 per hour and be happy with it; He knows what is best for you poor, helpless folks and all.

Bingo. American dream? To WaPo’s Greg Sargent, Latinos need not apply.

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