Boom! It’s not surprising that tweet is at 560 retweets and counting. And once again, Twitter was prescient.

Marco Rubio delivered a response to the State of the Union address last night that many conservatives described as “awesome.” But judging by the media coverage, it looks like he simply sidled up to the cameras and took a sip of water before preparing to slink away in shame and defeat.

BREAKING: Suspected human being Marco Rubio quenches thirst with … gasp! … water!

Not so breaking: Once again, the palace guard media are carrying Obama’s water. “SQUIRREL!” of the day:

Rubio laughed it off today as he made the morning show rounds.

Many think the focus on Rubio’s “drinking problem” is an embarrassing miscalculation on the part of Obama’s water carriers.

We suspect it will be quite a while before the media’s “Water-gate” well runs dry.

Update: Tuesday night in a nutshell: