Oh, yes. He did. Democrat Rep. Cohen was caught in the act of creep-tweeting during the State of the Union address last night.

You bored there Steve Cohen. #StateOfTheUnion

Perhaps bored. But mostly totally creeping.

On this young college student, Victoria Brink.


More from The Hill:

Rep. Steve Cohen repeatedly tweeted, and then deleted, messages to a woman on Twitter who his office is calling “the daughter of a longtime friend” and who has the same name as a Texas State University blonde bombshell featured in a college co-ed calendar.

But, he has a (D) next to his name, so it’s totally fine.

When will politicians learn that the Internet is forever?

Rep. Cohen swiftly deleted his tweets, but screenshots are forever (via Tweetwood).



He may have deleted his “ilu,” meaning “I love you,” tweets, but he “favorited” her tweet.


Indeed, he did.


Oh, dear. He also favorited her first tweet ever.


Creepier and creepier.

They have tweeted publicly before, and some of those have yet to be deleted.



Jammie Wearing Fool has a question:

According to her bio, she hails from Texas and is 24 years old. So why is this lecherous 63-year-old from Tennessee doing tweeting “I love you” to a 24-year-old, alleged family friend or not?


Naturally, Twitter came to the rescue to try to turn creepster moves into a moment of hilarity.


Ace of Spades weighs in as only he can.

Cohen’s actually unmarried (I believe) but one of his flacks say he has a “longtime girlfriend” in Memphis who presumably is more age-appropriate.

Congressman Cohen is 137 years old (estimated by tree rings) …

… This all feels very Roman to me. Our little Rome-on-Potomac is booming, tax-farming the hinterlands to the breaking point, and our little cadre of Roman senators is having a never-ending fantastical party. On our dime.

Ah well. L’amour, qui peut le connaître?

He continues with fancy pants french mockery on Twitter.


More from Rep. Cohen.

Um. Stop tweeting. Now.