Wow. What a horrible, little man he is. Recently, actor Jim Carrey said that the lives of assault rifle owners aren’t really “worth protecting.” Now, he says shootings are karma, you bitter clingers.

It more than insinuates it.

Unreal. Believe in the 2nd Amendment, Americans? You totally have a shooting coming. You asked for it; it’s karma and all.

Carrey also tweeted some tripe, with his trademark absurd emoticons. That makes him funny or edgy or something.

Yes. What emoticon is proper for telling people they deserve to be shooting victims? Or for other idiotic statements? We need a “Dumb and Dumber” emoticon, it seems. Oh, how enlightened Carrey is, huh? Twitter users call him out on it all.

Hollywood bubble and lack of a moral compass or any sort of human decency. Wow. Quite a combination there, funnyman.


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