Sorry guys, but reality would beg to differ:

Piers Morgan’s attempt at smack talking NRO’s Jonah Goldberg goes limp

Piers Morgan: Whitney Houston was a man, baby!

Piers Morgan wishes Nanny Bloomberg could run for president because he’s bilingual

Piers Morgan complains about fake Twitter accounts, is reminded of his history with fake photos

Piers Morgan: Bob Costas is ‘100 percent right’; Second Amendment was written with muskets in mind

Pathetic: Piers Morgan takes 18 hours to craft comeback to ‘gun-toting heroine’

Confirmed: Piers Morgan doesn’t get how these constitutional amendment thingies work

Piers Morgan wants ‘amendment to the Bible’ on gay marriage

Piers Morgan now taking 21 hours to deliver witty rejoinders in gun control debate

Piers Morgan exposes Dana Loesch’s lack of gun knowledge by making up models, calibers, deleting tweets

Piers Morgan spouts nonsense about armed guard who ended Atlanta shooting

Hey master grammarian Piers Morgan, ‘your’ a doofus

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