Um, what? We know Los Angeles Times political reporter Maeve Reston has only 140 characters to work with in each tweet, but we really need her to connect the dots for us on this one. A deputy tragically has been reported dead following a shootout with fugitive Christopher Dorner. Therefore, Ted Nugent shouldn’t attend the president’s state of the union address? Did Second Amendment supporter Nugent have something to do with the killings currently suspected to have been the work of gun control proponent Chris Dorner?

So, wait, one more time: this photo of Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) has what to do with Dorner?

Several people whose lives have been touched by gun violence will be in attendance at the state of the union address tonight. It’s OK if they attend, right?

* * *

Update: We’ve found a runner-up for tonight’s Ted Nugent non sequitur award.

Yes, Nugent’s comment, while certainly rude, had nothing to do with the congressman’s use of a wheelchair. So why include it in the tweet?