So, what’s with the all-white cover of the new issue of The New Republic? Is it an in-depth photo essay on Snowstorm Nemo? A tribute to famous white beat combo The Beatles? A cost-cutting stunt to save ink? No, if you look closely, you see the featured story about Republicans is called, “The Party of White People: An Historial Investigation.”

Sigh. We at Twitchy looked into this phenomenon called “white people” during last year’s presidential campaign, when it was apparently a very big deal. These white people were everywhere, turning out for rallies for both parties in large numbers, and they dominated the lineup at the Democratic National Convention. The Republican Convention had plenty of featured speakers who weren’t white people, but you might not have seen them if you were watching MSNBC.

So what new information does The New Republic have to share? The always reliable Ace of Spades reached out to the magazine’s editor-in-chief and white person, Chris Hughes, to find out what’s up.

We don’t have a racial breakdown of The New Republic’s staff — strangely, it never occurred to us that we’d want to see such a thing  — but we’d bet it’s almost as diverse as MSNBC’s primetime lineup, or Obama’s old campaign headquarters. So, what does #tnrdiversity look like?

It’s very possible that Ace has managed to do the near-impossible: create a job in the Obama economy.