Some might think that only a handful far-Left sickos are cheering on Christopher Dorner, the former LAPD officer suspected of killing three innocent people. Twitchy readers already know, however, that pro-Dorner sentiment is shockingly widespread. As further confirmation, here are 75 moral degenerates who consider Dorner an American hero:

As best as we can tell, these are not parody accounts. They are real Twitter accounts, set up by real people. Virtually all of them have been active for months or years.

Two of Dorner’s alleged victims were basketball coach Monica Quan and security officer Keith Lawrence:

Keith Lawerence and Monica Quan


They are dead now, slaughtered by a cold-blooded killer. RIP, Monica and Keith. All of us at Twitchy hope and pray that you get the justice you deserve.

Editor’s note: We have removed and replaced a tweet that appears to have been posted from a parody account. Twitchy regrets the error.


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