Howard Kurtz is one media personality who wasn’t name-checked in alleged killer Christopher Dorner’s lengthy manifesto, so perhaps he has the perspective to ask if we should even care that Dorner praised Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, Pat Harvey, Brian Williams, Soledad Obrien, Wolf Blitzer, Meredith Viera, Tavis Smiley and Anderson Cooper. Should we care that he even sent Cooper a hand-labeled DVD and an LAPD coin shot through with bullets?

“Should we” and “do we” are two entirely different things, though, and if we’re going to be consistent, then yes, we do care about Dorner’s love affair with Left-leaning cable news.

Wait, when has the Left ever tried to tie violence to conservative talkers?


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Update: We wondered who would be the first to point out that Joe Scarborough is a Republican — a Republican who can happily hang with the ladies of “The View” on their big couch, but a Republican nonetheless. But a conservative?