Wow. And not in the good way. Gas prices are continuing to rise, and the pain at the pump is cutting deeper. Some media outlets are conspicuously silent.

Non-lapdogs, however, aren’t remaining silent.

For those who have been paying attention, it’s not a surprise.

People are hurting, and take to Twitter to post about the continuously rising prices.

Guess they are just bitterly clinging to their transportation! Some are also trying to bitterly cling to their jobs, to which they soon may be unable to drive.

Others just can’t afford gas at all.

Why? Elections have consequences.

Citizens want answers. And some want Obama to “fix” things for them or hand over some more cash.

Obama is too worried about cameramen who “break his flow” to care about if  you can’t afford to let the gas pumps flow.

Consequences. Again.


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