There’s dark humor, and then there’s The Onion’s dreadful attempt to turn the murder of an American hero and the country he fought for into LOL-bait.

We’re not laughing:

Tragedy struck on Saturday as famed former sniper Chris Kyle reportedly was shot and killed at a local gun range, marking a bitter end to the life of a renowned Navy SEAL who had survived long, brutal years in the hellish landscape of the United States. “This man endured countless risks and witnessed indescribable horrors during his extended time in America, but in the end, his luck just ran out,” Glen Rose Police Department spokesman James Alvarez said of Kyle, whose shooting death was just one of hundreds of senseless acts of violence recorded in the United States so far this year.

That Twitter user wasn’t alone. Many thought The Onion went way over the line with the tasteless attempt at humor.


Not that we expect tasteful or high-brow humor from The Onion. But we do expect humor, and this didn’t come close.