It has been few months since Twitchy wrote about actress Ellen Barkin. We figured she settled down after the election, content in the knowledge that her blessed Barack Obama beat back us “right wing fuckin morons.”

But she’s back, this time complaining about a legislative proposal in New Hampshire to reform the state’s domestic abuse laws.

In truth, the bill would not require police to witness abuse in order to make an arrest, as Barkin asserted. Rather, it would require the victim to file a complaint. The sponsor, State Rep. Dan Itse, hopes the bill will discourage false domestic abuse complaints:

“It gives the accused something to act against … If a domestic violence complaint is lodged and it turns out to be a false complaint, then lodging the false complaint is itself a crime. This allows for somebody to defend themselves if somebody’s using the domestic violence laws inappropriately.”

Yes, Barkin mischaracterized the bill. We know, you’re shocked. (Not.)

Reasonable people can debate the bill’s merits, of course. But to compare it to stonings is ridiculous. It also minimizes the horror of real stonings, which continue to occur with alarming frequency in the Islamic world.

But Barkin wasn’t done. She joked that Republican lawmakers will soon be giving out free “automatic weapons” to those who carry out honor killings:

And she suggested that Republicans are too ignorant to understand references to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter and may as well introduce legislation requiring domestic abuse victims to wear a shirt reading “You asked for it, bitch.”


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