We heard enough nonsense about conservatives supposedly “defending” rape during last year’s campaign season to last several lifetimes. So now what’s this about conservatives defending a “rapey” TV spot? The Philly Post’s Joel Mathis saw the following ad from Audi and wondered, “Why are conservatives defending Audi’s rapey Super Bowl ad?” Maybe because they didn’t consider it to be “rapey” in the first place?

It turns out that “conservatives” is shorthand for, essentially, Transom editor Ben Domenech, who retweeted this observation.

So, if the ad is so offensive, why wouldn’t the question be, “Why did Audi produce such a rapey ad?” What do conservatives have to do with it?

You prominent conservatives and your framing. It turns out the expectation of a critique by liberals was dead on.

Well, according to Lil Miss Rightie up there, maybe you’re not quite the dude you think you are. Once word of its supposed “rapiness” got around, it seems not everyone felt the ad was such a threat.



You dudes just don’t get it. At least women will have the sense to thank Mathis for his red-flagging of this spot promoting violence against women, right?

Men, women … even closet conservative Touré liked the ad.

Why, Touré, why do you condone rape?