When a politician gets in trouble for dancing on the grave of a military hero, one generally expects furious backpedaling to mitigate the damage. However, it appears that former Rep. Ron Paul is feeling liberated from such concerns now that he is out of Congress. The new and improved Paul is more callous than ever, with an extra helping of sanctimony and a healthy dollop of anti-military sentiment. Not content to merely blame the victim for his own murder, Paul responded to the uproar he caused by adding fuel to the fire. In a posting on Facebook which he personally signed, Paul blamed “unconstitutional and unnecessary wars” for Kyle’s murder and even went so far as to associate his political policies with Jesus Christ.

Paul FB Chris Kyle

Thankfully, he avoided giving wrongheaded psychiatric advice to veterans with PTSD.

There is a relevant nugget of policy worth noting in Paul’s post. As a presidential candidate, Paul always claimed to support robust national defense and a non-interventionist foreign policy. By contrast, this post indicates support for the practice of non-violence:

The old Ron Paul’s oddball ideas about foreign policy and national security were bad enough. If the new Paul is preaching  pacifism, it would elevate him to a new frontier of nuttiness.

It’s not the first time that Paul has mentioned non-violence, but it might be the first time he has suggested it as a central tenet of his political worldview.