Zing! Reap what you sow, indeed. Aww, poor, little Matt Yglesias took some time out from talking about how Obama’s kids are more important than yours to lament how hard it is to start a business. No, seriously. He wanted to “build that,” but oh-how-hard it is!

Twitter users gasp for breath, while pointing out some pesky reality to Yglesias.


Matt Yglesias tries to stop the mockery.

“It’s the irony, stupid.” Also, he admits local regulations are business-killing, but federal Big Daddy Government regulations, burdens and business-killing policies are hunky-dory? Oh, sweetie.

Some of his best friends are Republicans.

The mockery continues and it is hilarious.

It’s funny, because it’s true.

Zing! But, take heart Matt. There is a job for you yet.


Heh. Since we are givers, we’ll offer up some follow-up required reading for Yglesias. Get out of the beltway bubble and talk to some small business owners.

First it was “You didn’t build that.” Now Yglesias has discovered another aspect that those living in reality realized long ago: You can’t build that. Government business-killing regulations won’t let you.


For the win:


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