Wow. As always, liberal ghouls pounce to politicize on the backs of the dead. Ms. Jeffery’s premise is not just ghoulish and repugnant, it’s not even factually correct. Chris Kyle’s murder is not analogous with mass shooting rampages like Aurora, Col., or Newtown, Conn. But, never let pesky facts get in the way of exploiting a tragedy!

Twitter users give Ms. Jeffery the business.

When Twitter users pushed back, she immediately tried to backpedal. And failed.

Bingo. And she doubled down by then exploiting the children killed in the tragedy in Newtown, natch. But, hey, maybe she’s just following President Obama’s exploitative lead.

We won’t hold our breath.

This Twitter user puts it in a nutshell.

Amen. Morally bankrupt “progressives” like Ms. Jeffery are not just ghouls. They are spitting on Chris Kyle’s grave by exploiting his death in an attempt to destroy the freedoms for which he bravely fought.