The president is rocking some mom jeans in that newly released skeet shooting photo, but many are suggesting he needs more than that if he really wants to shoot like a girl. Gun control advocates are quick to say they have no problem with people owning guns to hunt, and yet Twitter mobs urged Team USA shooter Corey Cogdell to shoot herself after she posted hunting photos to Facebook. Sarah Palin has been bombarded with hate tweets as well for posting hunting pics.

Won’t anyone think of the poor skeet? Is President Obama beyond reproach because he shoots clay targets (like, all the time)? Or has he just not convinced Americans that they’d have a very hard time prying that rifle/shotgun/whatever from his warm, live hands?

Did someone say double standard?

Assuming they’re used for hunting clay targets only, are guns cool now or not?

Good point. Obama’s a hero to millions — how many kids will he inspire to take up shooting with this awesome pic?