You would think the absurdity could have ended right there. But, no. There was more. A lot more. Senators are reportedly in “shock” over Chuck Hagel’s bumbling performance during his Secretary of Defense hearing. Senator Cruz shredded Hagel with his own words. And Twitter users did the same. Next time, senators, just look to Twitter to avoid further “shock.”

Heh. Like President Obama, he probably knows more about Judaism than anyone. Because he has read books or something. Alas, Hagel’s own words and actions “out” him.

Indeed. Senator Cruz called him out on that. And M.J. Rosenberg raised more questions today with his claim that Hagel is “happily lying” about his beliefs about Israel today. Will the media investigate those claims?

Aside from his atrocious beliefs about Israel, there is another matter: What about his utter incompetence?

If only senators had listened to you earlier, Brit.

No, seriously. The bumbling buffoon said that.

Of course, some (including Chuck Todd) spin frantically for Hagel.

Twitter user @NathanWurtzel sets them straight with one tweet.

And these Twitter users try to come up with a positive side to this mess.

Hey, if we don’t laugh, then we’ll curl up in the corner and weep. Mockery, the best medicine. So, there’s that?