On Wednesday, Twitchy reported that CNN nixed Soledad ‘Special Snowflake’ O’Brien’s show after CNN VP Bart Feder complained her audience was “too ethnic.” A “source close to the show” clarified what Feder meant:

To clarify, Feder’s issue with “Starting Point” was that the audience was too small and happened to be predominately African American. A source close to the show insists that the ethnicity of the audience was never the issue, it was the size. Feder in no way meant to imply that the audience was too ethnic.

Size matters … especially when your unit of measurement is “African American.” Ace sums up the denial as only he can.

Too small, too ethnic. You can see how close those words are to each other. They’re virtually homophones.

Read the whole thing, then enjoy Ace’s earlier tweets pressing CNN contributor Roland Martin to comment on the network’s “too ethnic” cleansing of Soledad.

You wouldn’t know those remarks. They’re from Canada.

Progressives of pallor have to stick together!

Stronger than all of us, Ace, stronger than all of us.

Chirp, chirp, chirp.

It’s the unbearable whiteness of being the left-wing media. Shhh.

Are muskets or tanks involved? If not, we’re guessing “no comment” from Piers.

Several of Ace’s followers got into the mix, but oh-so-shockingly, Roland refused to answer their questions and played the “I have more followers than you” card.

What kind of shots? Zingers like this:

Not everyone can be as influential as courageous warrior Roland Martin.

Er, Roland will get back to you on that, Ace. He’s waaaaaaay too busy fighting the “too ethnic,” er, “too small” cleansing at CNN.

A parting observation from Ace:

At no point did he ever contradict the premise of the question, to wit, that Soledad O’Brien was fired for having an audience that was “too ethnic.”

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