Strange, isn’t it? As we reported earlier, Senator Cruz shredded Chuck Hagel during his Secretary of Defense hearing. Members of the media were not pleased. How dare he question a choice of The One?

Precisely. But Sarah Palin is totally stupid, right lapdogs? Ace then takes on Hagel’s anti-Israel beliefs, which lapdogs in the media also cover up.

Yes. Where are the reports on that claim, lapdogs? Senator Harry Reid’s claim of talking to some guy who knew a girl who was the brother of a man who said that Romney didn’t pay his taxes was breathlessly reported everywhere.

Ace blasts Hagel over another absurd statement.

The Zen of Hagel: That’s just beautiful. Twitchy compiled a round-up of Hagel absurdities during the disaster of a hearing earlier, and Ace highlights some of the most inane. Believe us, picking out the most inane from Hagel is not easy.

Where are the alleged journalists again?


Boom! Other happy warriors sum it all up.

Bingo. As Dana Perino said earlier, nothing will happen. Lapdogs have had good obedience training, you know.