Oh, dear! As Twitchy reported, Soledad “Special Snowflake” O’Brien’s show was nixed in a CNN revamp. But now comes further word as to why, aside from the pitiful ratings.

Huh. Did progressives of pallor strike again?

Is CNN taking its cue from monochromatic MSNBC and its unbearable whiteness of being?

To help them out, Twitter users have a nice hashtag at the ready: #TooEthnicTVShows

Keep them coming, Twitter!

Update: CNN responded to MediaBistro’s inquiry regarding the “too ethnic” remark:

We reached out to CNN for comment.

UPDATE: To clarify, Feder’s issue with “Starting Point” was that the audience was too small and happened to be predominately African American. A source close to the show insists that the ethnicity of the audience was never the issue, it was the size. Feder in no way meant to imply that the audience was too ethnic.

Size matters. Also, it totally wasn’t too ethnic. It just wasn’t good enough ethnic. Luckily, the suggestions for CNN are continuing. Take note, CNN!


And where is the liberal outrage over such racism from CNN?