Twitter owner Elon Musk asked Friday, “What do you think of the culture war?” While declaring himself neither conventionally right nor left, he did say “the woke mind virus” needs a counter-narrative. As you all know, progressives, if they had their way, would have us all living in tightly packed apartments (or even adult dormitories or cubbies), riding bicycles anywhere we needed to go, and eating bugs. They really do keep harping on the eating bugs thing.

In the past, CNN has introduced us to BirthStrike, a group of women so undone by climate change that they’ve vowed not to procreate. Now the New York Times is featuring the founder of the Voluntary Human Extinction movement, Les Knight:

We already did the population scare in 1968 with the publication of “The Population Bomb,” when there were only 3.5 billion people on earth.

Why do these clowns always stick around when they could easily reduce the population by one?

They’re worried about “extremism” on Twitter, but the New York Post thinks nothing of doing a glowing profile of a man who wants all humans purged from the planet.


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