As Twitchy reported, Gayle Trotter of the Independent Women’s Forum sent progressive heads into a spin today by testifying that “guns make women safer” and “are the great equalizer during a violent confrontation.” That particular form of female empowerment didn’t sit well with onlookers who don’t like the idea of a woman behind the trigger of a “big, scary assault weapon.”

So, if we can’t take a law-abiding attorney’s pro-gun views seriously, whom can we trust? How about a convicted rapist advocating gun control? Dana Loesch and others called out Dayton, Ohio, TV station WHIO for leaving that bit of background information out of a report on protests at a gun show.

WHIO responded to Twitter user @DomesticDebacle, saying that yes, the station was aware of the Rev. Jerome McCorry’s “controversial past,” but they were just trying to be fair and balanced.

WHIO clarified that the station does not support McCorry’s message, which, by the way, is one of peace, nonviolence and community harmony. Leave out the rape bit and that sounds pretty good, actually.

Earlier this month, a pollster advised a group of Republican lawmakers to “stop talking about rape” in the wake of comments by (former) Rep. Todd Akin that many on the Left construed as “pro-rape.” So how are we to take the comments of an actual convicted rapist who is protesting against women and others arming themselves against, say, rapists? Loesch and others aren’t taking the advice to just stop talking about rape in this case.