Journalistic integrity, BuzzFeed-style: Twelve hours after Twitchy broke the story of how the left-wing media lied about the “heckling” of a Newtown dad by “gun nuts,” BuzzFeed is still clinging bitterly to the repulsive heckler narrative.

At 2:00 a.m. on Wednesday, BuzzFeed pimped its false story again. No correction, no retraction and the story is still titled “Pro-Gun Hecklers Shout At Father Who Lost Son In Newtown.” The only change was a pathetic CYA attempt: an update at the very end with the unedited video and the text, “Listen to Heslin’s full comments here.”

Unsurprisingly, readers continue to trust the false headline:

Slate and The Week admitted that Neil Heslin wasn’t heckled during his testimony at a Connecticut legislative meeting. After being called out by Twitchy’s Michelle Malkin and others, Anderson Cooper acknowledged that Heslin “asked for response and audiences members gave it.”

But BuzzFeed joins the pathetic liars like MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell in refusing to acknowledge the beat-you-over-the-head-obvious truth evident in the full video of the testimony — that Heslin asked a question, paused for a response and received answers the media didn’t like.

Next on BuzzFeed: 43 kittens in teacups shame the Newtown hecklers.


BuzzFeed added another update this morning. No correction, no retraction, just some pathetic faux-fence-straddling designed to absolve the reporter of responsibility for the error:

Gun rights advocates and others have suggested Heslin was not heckled, since the crowd was responding to a question Heslin asked. Others counter that Heslin’s question was rhetorical. But around the 15 minute mark you can hear shouts such as “Second Amendment” interrupting Heslin’s testimony. An official can then be heard reprimanding those who were yelling.

See, the facts are totally open to interpretation, according to BuzzFeed, but the right interpretation is that Heslin was “heckled” by people “interrupting” his testimony. Hence, BuzzFeed’s refusal to update the title or issue a correction.

Our response? Some have suggested BuzzFeed reporters are a bunch of crapweasels. Others counter they are more accurately described as douchenozzles.


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